CIS Ferroalloys Markets 2016

About the Conference

Metal Expert continues organizing of II international CIS Ferroalloys Market Conference dedicated to prospects of ferroalloys production, consumption and exports as well as outlook for market changes’ effects.

At the moment we consider such Key topics to be discussed at the conference:

1. Outlook for silicon-manganese self-sufficiency of EAEU countries. Capacities, ore supplies, logistics

2. Russian Si and Cr alloys market consolidation (in large part also manganese). The risk of monopolization, threats and opportunities

3. Impacts of anti-dumping duty introduction on Ukrainian SiMn on Russian and CIS markets. Consumers’ and competitors’ opinions

4. Prospects of SiMn imports to Russia from Europe, India, Georgia and Kazakhstan

5. Georgian exporters’ perspectives as potentially powerful players on Russian manganese market. Suppliers’ and consumers’ opinions

6. Change of macroeconomic development model in China. Consequences of raw materials’ consumption slowdown for steel, raw materials and ferroalloys markets

7. Effects of Iran return to the world steel and raw materials market. Role and place of Iran on ferroalloys market

8. Ukraine as a potential key SiMn supplier to Europe, Turkey and Asia. Role and place of Indian competitors on the Mediterranean trading platforms

You are welcome to send the propositions & comments to Veronika Tropina, Head of Metallurgical Conferences Department – or Juliya Sitnichenko, Project Manager –

About Speakers & Participants


The Conference Program wil be presented by: Vitaliy Kravchenko, Deputy Director of Ferroalloys Department, Privat Intertrading, Dmitry Ostrovskiy, Deputy General Commercial Director, United Raw Materials Company, Yuriy Zaytsev, Consultant, ERG Sales, Saurambaev Nurlan, Chairman of the Board, SAT&Co, Temirbekov Ilya, General Manager, Taraz Metallurgical Plant etc.

Among registered companies you can also see Autlan, AVEKS, Felman Trading Europe, Mechel, ISD Corporation, Kosaya Gora Iron Works, Kramfer Ferroalloy Industry, Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, Temirtau Metallurgical Plant, Troick Metallurgical Plant etc. To see the full list

Previous events

In 2015 I International CIS Ferroalloys Markets Conference took place, having become a trade and networking platform for ferroalloy industry representatives from CIS, Turkey and Europe. You can get more info at “past events” tab or via pointed emails.

Contacts & additional information

All the details on speaking opportunities, participation, sponsorship and advertizing options as well as venue, you can get at Juliya Sitnichenko: +38 056 3757909 ext.477, email: or

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On August 14, Kosaya Gora Iron Works will resume production of blast furnace FeMn (78% Mn; 6-7% C) after the BF repair. August output is expected at 2,000 t. Production stopped in the middle of June, the company only shipping the material from stock.KMZ is equipped with 3 blast furnaces, one producing HC FeMn and two – pig iron. Manganese ore is shipped from South Africa. FeMn is shipped to the domestic market mostly.

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South Africa’s Tenova Pyromet made the first shipment of metallurgical equipment under the contract with Aksu Ferroalloy Plant which upgrades its shop No.6. The equipment will be fully supplied by September, and the new 81 MVA furnace will be constructed and launched in 2017.The project is aimed at replacement of furnace No.64 with the new one capable of producing more than 159,000 t of HC FeCr annually.Aksu Ferroalloy Plant and Aktobe Ferroalloys Plant are managed by ERG. The company is capable of putting out more than 2 million tpy of bulk alloys. ERG is self-sufficient in manganese and chrome ore.

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The biggest electric steel producers of Ukraine have requested a reduction in electricity tariffs to the level of December 2015 and putting a moratorium on their upturn in 2016-2021. The letter is signed by the managers of Zaporozhye Ferroalloy Plant, Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant, Zaporozhye Titanium & Magnesium Combine, Dneprospetsstal, and Pobuzhye Ferronickel Combine. In the latter, it is said that the second groundless upturn in electricity tariffs